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Freeset is the new and flexible solution for translation agencies – because Freeset is cloud-based, which means it can be accessed on the internet at any time on any device and anywhere in the world. In addition Freeset offers you all you need for your daily work in the translation business.

Manage quotes, orders and invoices, while keeping an eye on controlling in real time. Freeset is flexible, secure and affordable.

Quotes and orders

Either put together an individual quote every time, or use the price lists and text building-blocks that you’ve stored for your customers. For recurring jobs, you can simply copy and adjust previous quotes and orders.

Your personal dashboard provides you with a clear overview of due orders. You can define order steps at will for each order and mark them as finalized. This provides transparency for the respective project manager and for the team as a whole.

Customers and suppliers

Apart from detailed customer data, you can see current and previous orders for a given customer at a glance, as well as the revenues that he has generated in the current year.

Find the right supplier by searching with your chosen combination of specialist areas, service, source or target languages. Every supplier can be evaluated with a points system in categories you can define yourself such as quality, speed or punctuality. That means you can see at first glance whether a supplier meets the requirements for the order and your quality standards.

Reports / Statistics

Naturally, you also have confidential data that is not intended for the eyes of all employees. To handle these, we have developed a very simple role system. As the Administrator, you have access to all modules and can assign predefined roles, determining who in your organization is allowed to access which information.

In the roles of “Administrator” and “Controller” you can see all sales data and ongoing orders at a glance on your dashboard and in the “Reports” area – because the love of language naturally has to pay for itself as well. That is why we have equipped Freeset with various reporting options that enable the easy professional controlling of a modern translation agency.

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We know what matters in the daily business

Your design

To ensure that you get started at an affordable price but in a truly professional way, you can use our professional layout for quotes and invoices as soon as you register. Naturally, your own corporate data and company logo will be displayed.
If you want something more individual – just let us know. On request we will design individual templates for you so that all printed documents produced by the system continue to reflect your Corporate Identity.

CSV import and export

We make it as easy as pie for you to switch over to us. Your existing supplier and customer data can be simply imported as a CSV file. We will help you to do it. Orders, suppliers, customers, etc. can be backed up directly to your computer at any time in CSV, XLS or PDF format. Just so you have the good feeling that everything is secured locally as well.


CRM / Marketing

As a language service provider, you usually have more than enough to do, but you cannot dispense with advertising entirely, and this is where Freeset can offer you support. Thanks to our consistent use of predefined customer groups, it is child’s play to create marketing campaigns for individual target groups. Export the data for the exact group(s) you want to address with your mailing campaign and get started!

Mobile Version

Many mobile versions of online services only display the desktop computer view. This makes the individual control panels very small and makes it difficult to use the software when you’re out and about. To give you real independence and enable you to make the best use of the cloud solution, Freeset offers a mobile version with a dedicated design. All of the points that are important for everyday project life are displayed and operable on your mobile device without constraints.


The idea for Freeset was born out of a wish to solve a problem. Why is there still no ERP system specifically for translation agencies that can be operated as an SaaS solution, that meets Germany’s strict data protection requirements, and is also functional, attractive and affordable? We grappled for years ourselves in everyday translation business with so-so solutions. Most ERP systems that were easy to operate and affordable were not customized for our industry. And those that were specialized and attractive were simply way too expensive for smaller service providers.

In addition, conventional industry solutions usually require a local server on which the ERP software is installed, and the software also needs to be installed on every single one of your employees’ computers. Usually, the provider of the ERP system comes to your premises – for a fee – to do these installations. If the operating system changes, you are relying on the provider to have an update for that system ready. What if you want to work on a Mac? Or if you want to access your application quickly and without restrictions with your smartphone or tablet when you’re on the road? Generally speaking, that’s a complicated business. And what do you do if your local server suddenly breaks down? The translation industry is very dynamic. You may need to relocate at short notice for project-related reasons or, as a company owner or key account manager, you may travel a lot. Maybe you simply want to use both Apple Macs and Windows PCs as it suits you. None of these things can be done without further ado using conventional industry solutions.

This is how the idea for Freeset came about. With a keen eye for detail and precisely implementing our ideas, we have produced a cloud-based ERP solution that is geared to facilitating day-to-day work in every translation agency – with ultra modern layouts optimized for mobile devices that you can use anywhere in the world – be it on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.


Can be cancelled from month to month; no service agreement. Prices plus German VAT if applicable.

  • Freelance
  • The version for freelance translators, interpreters and editors.
    Our freelance version offers many of the functions of the corporate version, merely dispensing with features that you do not require as an individual.
  • 5,00 € / per month
  • Dashboard
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Order calendar
  • Try it for free
  • Corporate
  • The version for translation agencies. You always get the current full version for a monthly fixed price without having to choose individual elements. You are automatically provided with new features at no extra charge.
  • 19,00 € / per month and user
  • Discount for each additional user
  • Dashboard with order calendar
  • Quotes & Orders
  • Customers & Suppliers
  • Reports & Statistics
  • Try it for free


The security of your data is our top priority

German data center

Your data is stored at a highly respected German data center and never leaves the country at any time, so you can be certain that your data is protected against unauthorized access.

German data protection

We are a German company based in Düsseldorf. We have a Data Protection Officer, and you enjoy full German data protection. Your data belongs to you alone and is never shared with third parties.

Cyber insurance & SSL encryption

We are proud that our cyber and IT security insurance policies are placed with the global market leader, Hiscox. So both we and your data are professionally insured. Freeset is secured by the market leader Symantec with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Programmed in Germany

Our programmers are exclusively based in Germany. Freeset is a completely new product and has been optimized with the very latest security procedures.


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Our Support team is always here for you. We are at your disposal even before your free trial phase, and will be happy to help with all your questions. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.


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