The following is a list of frequently asked questions about Freeset

These days many applications are already online in the cloud. The big advantage here is the significantly cheaper cost structure compared with a locally-installed ERP system. In addition, you have access from anywhere in the world and new features are always instantly available to users – updates don’t need to be manually installed by the user. That means everything is always completely up to date and secured in accordance with the latest standards. Many office networks fail to achieve this high level of security because they use different computer and operating systems, and not every user installs the latest updates on his computer. One common reason for this is that applications may no longer work after being updated until the provider releases a new, compatible version.

Furthermore, with a cloud solution, you don’t need to own and maintain cost-intensive servers and databases – so you can dispense with the frequently used service agreement. That significantly reduces overall costs. All you need is an internet-ready device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and you can access it from anywhere. In many cases, because it is supported by a professional datacenter, accessing a cloud solution is more reliable and secure than a typical office infrastructure.

Apart from the financial aspect, time is another important factor. A conventional, locally-installed ERP system often takes weeks to set up and may involve expensive on-site visits to your premises by the provider. In comparison, an online solution can be registered in just a couple of minutes and if you want to get started right away, you can put all your data online in only a few hours or days, and start dealing with your daily business.

We are based in Germany, we do our programming in Germany, and we use a German data center. We are entirely in accordance with the European data protection laws.

Your data is secured in accordance with the highest standards with 256-bit SSL encryption from the market leader Symantec.

Freeset is a professional controlling solution that is more dynamic than locally-installed solutions, and it even costs less. We are so confident about our ERP system that we offer monthly rates. So you can cancel at any time and have no obligations. No ifs or buts!

Customers, suppliers, quotes, orders, and invoices can be backed up and saved directly to your computer at any time in CSV, XLS or PDF format.

As a default, Freeset gives you our professional standard layout for quotes and invoices on which, of course, your individual corporate data and company logo are displayed.

Of course! Simply talk to us about it. We can offer you a starter pack for which we will precisely replicate your letterhead, so that all printed documents produced by the system are exactly in line with your Corporate Identity.

Since the love of language naturally has to pay for itself as well, we have developed reports that enable the easy professional controlling of your business.

These include:

  • What volume of sales has this customer generated this year?
  • How many quotes have become firm orders?
  • How many ongoing orders are there?
These are just a few of the many questions that Freeset can answer for you at the touch of a button.

As a language service provider, you usually have more than enough to do, but you cannot dispense with advertising entirely. With the consistent use of customer groups (e.g. leads, customers, former customers, etc.) that are defined by you in advance and which can all be exported into Excel tables, it is child’s play to create marketing campaigns for individually selected groups. Mail merges or e-mail campaigns can be put together in a flash. Freeset is also ideal for your annual Christmas mail to all of your active customers.

For day-to-day use too, Freeset’s many useful features turn contact management into a real CRM system. Thanks to fields for birthdays and a blank field for entries such as the contact’s hobbies/preferences, you are instantly reminded of what you need to know when talking to your contact.

Conventional industry solutions require a local server on which the ERP software (which is often not even customized for the translation industry) is installed, as well as separate installation of the software on every single one of your employees’ computers. To carry out these installations, usually the provider of the ERP system will come to your premises – for a fee – or you have to install the software yourself.

If the operating system changes, you have to hope that the provider is already offering a version for this new system. You want to work with a Mac? That’s usually not possible without Windows emulators. And what do you do if your local server goes down?

The translation industry is very dynamic – why should you bind yourself unnecessarily to local installations and lengthy contracts? Suppose you travel a lot. Perhaps you simply want to use both Apple Macs and Windows PCs as it suits you. None of these situations can be resolved without further ado using conventional industry solutions.

This is where we come into play. We ran an international translation company ourselves for decades and are familiar with the everyday pitfalls.

Freeset is a registered trademark of FL Solutions GmbH in Düsseldorf. We are a team of professionals from the translation industry. One of our founders, Frank Lanzillotta, headed up a globally active translation agency for 15 years as the owner and managing director. Following the successful sale of his company, he joined forces with his Freeset co-founder, as well as with professional programmers and graphic artists, to develop Freeset because he knows from his own experience that there are very few professional tools for the gigantic translation industry, and those that exist are generally very expensive as well. The objective here was to disrupt the conventional situation of expensive, local software installations, and make it far more affordable and flexible.

We are always happy tp help. Simply send us an e-mail to support@my-freeset.de

No, we focus entirely on freelance translators.

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